Palm Island Living

Palm Island is one of the most idyllic locations for people who want to be able to live within an environment that is as natural as can be while being able to maintain a sheer luxury that is beyond compare.

Being an island located along the Atlantic coast of Florida allows Palm Island to be an absolute delight for people who appreciate the rich quality of living of such a location which is blessed with phenomenal views from just about any point on the island.

It goes without saying that Palm Island is a paradise for people who love water and all of the water activities that are perfect under Florida’s tropical weather conditions. As a matter of fact, Palm Island is just the place that any avid boating enthusiast would want and need in life.

Furthermore, people that reside on Palm Island will find that the island is also a great habitat for sea turtles which means that these fun creatures will be part of their island community while making sure that the turtles are undisturbed in their natural setting.

Among the famous residents to have lived on Palm Island in Florida are Al Capone, Scott Storch, Louis L. Gregory, Barbara Walters, and Enrique Iglesias. Among the five, it is the world-famous Al Capone who has had his 6,000 square foot private luxury home turned into a historical property that rests upon a lot of 30,000 square feet which features over 100 square feet of waterfront area.